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Preservação da Fertilidade

Livro lançado pela Rede Brasileira de Oncofertilidade/Brazilian Oncofertility Consortium, rede coordenada pela sócia fundadora da In Vitro Consultoria, Dra. Jhenifer Rodrigues, PhD, é citado no Blog oficial do Oncofertility Consortium - Northwestern University.

We are proud to share that the Brazilian Oncofertility Consortium published a new book in Brazil last month, "Preservação da fertilidade: Uma nova fronteira entre medicina reprodutiva e oncologia"(Translation: Fertility preservation: A new frontier between reproductive medicine and oncology). This book is intended for health professionals to increase the understanding of fertility preservation in cancer patients. The publication was organized by the editors Ricardo Marinho, Ana Carolina Rosa e Silva, João Pedro Junqueira and Jhenifer Rodrigues, who are all members of the Brazilian Oncofertility Consortium/Rede Brasileira de Oncofertilidade - BOC. The book involved collaboration between more than 70 experts (researchers, physicians and psychologists) in reproductive medicine, oncology, gynecology, breast diseases and urology from Brazil and abroad; many of them members of the BOC and Oncofertility Consortium. The book discusses the risk of fertility loss after cancer treatment in men and women and ways to establish new techniques to assist patients in preserving their gametes and achieving a better quality of life after treatment.


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